Ben Goldacre – Bad Science

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Dr Ben Goldacre works full time for the NHS AND writes the Bad Science column for The Guardian. A scourge of Pseudoscientists and quacks, Ben has taken aim at targets as varied as Penta Water, MRSA testing lab Chemsol Consulting and TV nutritionist “Dr” Gillian McKeith. Ben studied Medicine at Magdalen College Oxford where he also edited Isis, the Oxford University Magazine. He left in 1995 with a First: before going on to clinical medicine at UCL, he was a visiting researcher in cognitive neurosciences at the University of Milan, working on fMRI brain scans of language and executive function, and was also funded by the British Academy to do a Masters degree in Philosophy at King’s.

Just think of the time he could have saved doing a non-accredited correspondence course on the Internet!

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