Prof Paul Davies – Are we alone in the Universe?

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Paul Davies is an internationally acclaimed physicist, cosmologist and astrobiologist at Arizona State University, where he runs the pioneering BEYOND Centre for Fundamental Concepts in Science. He also chairs SETI‘s Post-Detection Taskgroup, so if scientists succeed in finding intelligent life, he will be among the first to know.

In addition to his many scientific awards, Davies was the recipient of the 1995 Templeton Prize – the world’s largest annual prize for intellectual endeavour – and a Glaxo Science Writers’ Fellowship. He is the author of more than twenty books, including The Mind of God, About TimeHow to Build a Time Machine and The Goldilocks Enigma.

The asteroid 1992OG was officially renamed Pauldavies in his honour.

Paul’s latest book is The Eerie Silence: Are we alone in the Universe?

First broadcast on 9th April 2010

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