Tracy King, DC Turner & Tim Minchin – Storm

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Neil and Rebecca are joined by Tracy King and DC Turner, and special guest Tim Minchin.

Tracy King is the Managing Director of February Marketing is the organiser of TAM London and co-organiser of The Big Libel Gig. She speaks on a range of topics including viral marketing, advertising psychology and using marketing in science communication and critical thinking. She is the Producer of Tim Minchin’s “Storm” movie, a regular writer for Skepchick andThe Skeptic Magazine (UK), and her work has appeared in the prestigious journal Nature.

DC (Dan) Turner is a designer and animator with a unique style of character design. He has worked for brands including Sony, Vodafone, Barclays, ITV, PKR, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, T Mobile and Woolworths. As well as animated shorts, he designs and builds award-winning Flash games and composes soundtracks.

Tim Minchin is… well you know who Tim Minchin is.

First broadcast on 8th October 2010

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