John Mitchinson – QI: Quite Interesting

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John Mitchinson is Director of Research at QI, and the co-author with John Lloyd of various QI books, the latest of which is The Second Book of General Ignorance. If you’ve heard of QI, the chances are that you’ve heard of the BBC2 comedy panel quiz of the same name, hosted by Stephen Fry. Permanently installed guest Alan Davies develops the intellectual counterpoint and, as Stephen puts it, “rushes headlong like a puppy into the wall of ignorance.”

For the ten years before QI, Mitchinson was a book publisher, Prior to that he spent six years as Marketing Director of Waterstone’s. John is a Vice-President of the Hay Festival, a director of Jonathan Burrows contemporary dance group, a Fellow of the RSA and one of Trustees of the London Centre for International Storytelling.

First broadcast on 17th December 2010

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