Little Atoms Road Trip 01 – Introduction

Posted on April 27, 2012 by


Between 12th May and 9th June 2012, Neil Denny will be embarking on a 6000 mile road trip across America. The aim of the trip to produce a series of podcasts which present a wide-ranging overview of science and skepticism from an American perspective. Neil will be interviewing scientists working on ground-breaking, cutting edge science, educators combatting the encroachment of anti-science and irrationality into politics and the classroom, and writers attempting to popularise amazing ideas and concepts to the wider public. And he’s going to explore some major scientific (and some not so scientific) sites of interest along the way. This trip was made possible by a travelling fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. The theme tune of the podcast is a version of Black Top Blues by Acadian Driftwood.

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