Little Atoms 383 – Iain Sinclair – London Overground & Black Apples of Gower

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Iain Sinclair a poet, film-maker, essayist and the author of many acclaimed books, including Downriver (winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize), Lights Out for the Territory, London Orbital, Edge of Orison, Hackney: That Rose-Red Empire, Dining on Stones, Ghost Milk and American Smoke and London Overground, his account of a one-day walk around the orbital railway. He is the editor of the anthology London: City of Disappearances and has also written and presented a number of films for BBC2’s Late Show, collaborated with Andrew Kötting on Swandown and By Our Selves, and co-directed several documentaries with Chris Petit, including London Orbital and The Falconer. He was born in South Wales, went to school in England and university in Ireland, and now lives in Hackney, East London. In this interview we talk about two new books, London Overground and Black Apples of Gower.

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