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Little Atoms 367 – Mind’s Eye Interviews Five – Dennis Reuter

March 25, 2015


Dr. Dennis Reuter is a New Horizons co-investigator at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and the instrument scientist for Ralph, the New Horizons color imager and infrared spectrometer. New Horizons launched on 19th January 2006 and is scheduled to fly-by Pluto and its moons in July 2015. This is another interview recorded by Little Atoms […]

Little Atoms Road Trip 18 – Britt Reichborn-Kjennerud

August 10, 2012


While in New York City, Neil attended a few events at the World Science Festival, including one at which a speaker was astrophysicist Britt Reichborn-Kjennerud. Before the talk Neil met up with Britt at her office at Columbia University and recorded this podcast. Britt Reichborn-Kjennerud received her PhD from Columbia University in 2010. During her graduate […]

Little Atoms Road Trip 09 – Edward Stone

June 23, 2012


While spending the day at Caltech, in Pasadena, CA. Neil spent some time talking with the former Director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Edward Stone. Edward Stone joined Caltech as a research fellow in physics after receiving his Master of Science degree and Ph.D. in physics at the University of Chicago. Over the years, he held a variety of […]

Little Atoms Road Trip 03 – Kevin Hand

May 25, 2012


In this episode, Neil gets a guided tour of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and talks to JPL scientist Kevin Hand. Kevin Hand is Deputy Chief Scientist of Solar System Exploration at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He is an astrobiologist and a planetary scientist, most concerned with studying the Jovian moon Europa. This has […]